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Ojo's Dough

Our dough is at the centre of our business. We make our dough from scratch and here we'd like to explain a little more about our process. 

Fresh Neapolitan Pizza Dough

At Ojo's Pizza, our commitment to serving the best pizza possible extends to the heart and soul of our pizzas—our handmade pizza dough.


We specialize in crafting Neapolitan-style pizzas, characterized by their signature light, airy, and crispy crusts, in stark contrast to the conventional thin or dense options. What sets us apart is our dedication to producing our dough from scratch, a meticulous process that spans 48 hours, resulting in a dough that is not only a culinary delight but also easy on the digestive system, ensuring an exquisite experience for our customers. The dough also changes throughout the year depending on temperature and humidity giving our dough another dimension that changes with the seasons. 

The cornerstone of our pizza dough is the Poolish—a pre-ferment method with roots that can be traced back to Polish bakers in the 1840s and later adopted in France during the early 1920s. The Poolish is the catalyst that propels our dough's fermentation to new heights. This initial mixture initiates a vigorous fermentation process, characterised by a bubbling texture. The following day, this lively Poolish is integrated with the remaining flour, yeast, and water, and the dough undergoes a carefully kneading and resting period, spanning an additional 24 hours.

The last stage in the process is when the hand rolled portions of dough are individually balled and  shaped and left to grow to their full potential in our dough boxes. This last act of rising is the pivotal step that achieves our sought-after airy quality to the crust, allowing us to expertly stretch the dough into the perfect foundation for our pizzas.

When you taste the pizza at Ojo's, you partake in a journey through the history and science of pizza dough perfection. The dedication, precision, and expertise we bring to our dough-making process is something that we proudly serve to our customers.

Our dough will soon be available to purchase frozen. We are looking to supply both trade and retail customers so please get in contact if you are interested. 

Fresh balled Dough
proven dough in a tray
Dough ready for final prove
Risen dough
Caputo Flour
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